Tempo Traveller

The Benefits of Renting a Tempo Traveller for Group Vacations

Here are the benefits of renting a Tempo Traveller for group vacations, presented point-wise for easy reference:

  • Plenty of Space: Tempo Traveller Has spacious interiors with comfortable seating, providing enough room for the entire group to travel together.
  • Group Bonding: Traveling together in a Tempo Traveller fosters group bonding and creates memorable experiences as you share the journey.
  • Comfortable Journey: Tempo Travellers are designed for comfort, featuring spacious seating, air conditioning, and amenities that ensure a pleasant journey for everyone.
  • Luggage Storage: Tempo Travellers offer ample storage space for luggage, allowing group members to carry their belongings conveniently.
  • Enhanced Communication and Interaction: Traveling together in a Tempo Traveller enables constant communication and interaction among group members, creating a fun and engaging travel experience.

Available Tempo Traveller






25-Seater Mini Bus

33-Seater Mini Bus

We offer various Tempo Travellers and Mini Buses for group travel, providing options suitable for different group sizes and preferences.

Why We Stand Out for Tempo Traveller Rental Service in Bhuj-Kutch

  • We stand out Differently in Bhuj-Kutch for Tempo Traveller rentals due to our service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • We offer a diverse fleet of well-maintained Tempo Travellers, ranging from 9-seaters to 20-seaters. Regular maintenance and inspections guarantee safety, reliability, and optimal condition for every journey.
  • We have professional and experienced drivers who are familiar with the local route, and attraction, and can provide valuable insight, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable group travel experience in Bhuj-Kutch.
  • We excel in tailoring plans to meet the specific needs and preferences of each group, offering flexibility to accommodate desired attractions and unique travel schedules, resulting in a personalized and memorable group travel experience in Bhuj-Kutch.
  • We provide competitive and transparent pricing for Tempo Traveller rentals, offering the best value for your money and setting themselves apart from the competition with their affordability and quality service.
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a dedicated customer support team that provides immediate assistance before, during, and after the rental period, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for every group.

Post-Rental Services Provided By Dharmi Tourism: Tempo Traveller and Mini Bus

  • Vehicle Inspection: After the rental period, Dharmi Tourism conducts a thorough out inspection of the Tempo Travellers and Mini Buses to assess any damages or issues that may have occurred during the rental. This helps maintain the quality and condition of the vehicles.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Dharmi Tourism takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicles after each rental. This includes interior cleaning, sanitization, and general upkeep. The Vehicles are presented in a clean and well-maintained condition for subsequent rentals.
  • Documentation Assistance: If there were any specific documentation requirements during the rental, Dharmi Tourism provides assistance in providing necessary invoices, receipts, or any other documentation related to the rental transaction.
  • Post-Rental Support: Even after the rental period, Dharmi Tourism continues to provide customer support for any additional queries or concerns that customers may have.